RE: My Risingstar Journey #1: How It Started And Where It's Going

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I think buying starbits off the market until you get 1 million starbits is worth it

I'm definitely going to be doing more of that to get to that level.

It's a very good idea 👍

Just for reference, I usually make like 20k-30k starbits a day with luck if I time every mission perfectly without running music lessons

Wow 😳 that's alot, that's also going to need alot of fan and skill to meet such target.

Hopefully I can increase my fans to 50k then move on to 100 in the future, I think that way It will be easy to make more starbits 😊

Thanks for the tip

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It will come overtime as you open packs. One good thing about the millionaire card is that you can generally open 12 packs a week (100k starbits). You usually get a few hundred fans and maybe a few thousand if you get lucky with some good vehicles or epic cards.

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