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I would have been able to be an active spl player but the technicality is too much and expensive, reason why I play other games now but I hope to get into it when I get a new pc, I believe the game has evolved past mobile user.

Good luck on your monster journey and may the monster be with you.

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I have heard there are people running three accounts in tournaments on mobile :D I couldn't do it - but I play occasionally from there. However, I am not sure if all of the SPS management is possible on mobile.

I think that what is interesting is that it isn't too late to get involved, but it is going to cost. I think that this is going to become more industry standard - people already pay for games, consoles and subscriptions - even though there is no return on them.


The cost of things rn is what gives me goosebumps, its really crazy spending thousands of dollars on a game. No one would have thought such situation would ever happen in the early days of crypto.

Not spreading myself too thin but I would try and get involve when I can afford the cost.

Still into rs game ATM, an idle nft gaming, its a great place to start my nft gaming journey.

Spl will definitely go crazy in the future and the best time to start is now, if you have the money.

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No one would have thought such situation would ever happen in the early days of crypto.

Well, maybe not in the earliest of days, but the last five years for sure - the industry is maturing and crypto is largely agnostic on where it can be used. Gaming is an obvious step to further adoption - as it is already heavily tokenized. Social like Hive is another :)

So much development to come, and billions of users into crypto also :)