Splinterlands Adding Another Chaos

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I just added a Torrent Fiend in my formation and will use it often with water splinter. The monster is only level two but will become handy in bouts as a filler. I have furious chicken already used in multiple setups since it’s a neutral monster.

I have no problem with furious chicken but sometimes it’s not enough. There are formations where I need more fillers whether at the tank of the formation or the rear to block sneak and snipe monsters. The more the merrier they say.

With that I now have two out of the five fiends and will continue to add gradually as I keep saving DEC. The whole demand of DEC for land 1.5 is making me hesitated for a while to not start accumulating more Chaos but as I continue to compete I want to perform better and hopefully want to get into diamond league.

On that note I will be focusing on earth’s fiend as a near term future add. The card will be a great filler into my collection as I am also focused heavy on magic earth decks.

My soul fiend is used from time to time but not as often as others since I do hold a lot of low mana life monsters that are great fillers.

The fire splinter with Sorch fiend is the last to think about and for now I will leave it off. In a similar way the life splinter is like fire for me where I have sufficient low mana monsters in fire splinter. Therefore I would hold out adding Sorch fiend further out than other Chaos cards.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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