Splinterlands - Season Ending Rental Hype!

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With less than 2 days left to this season there is a push from players to finish at higher leagues in hopes to earn more reward chests for end of season. One of the factors involved in players making a final push for top ranks is the card rental market.

In recent past seasons I was aware that rental markets had prices rose significantly near the end of the season. This has tempted me to adjust my rental prices near the end of the season too in hopes of earning more. However after performing such an action in one season I have found it was difficult to earn more if I rose prices only to be rented out for a day or two of the season when I could lower the rental prices and have the cards be rented out multiple days.


Look at the temptation from snap shot above. As of current rental prices I have compared to what is being rented out at max price I can see many cards are almost 100% more than where I was currently renting at. This season I will keep the rentals where they are at so for those who have rentals of mine will have the cards through the end of season.


I am aware the game's developers plan on adjusting or setting some sort of mechanism to not allow lenders to immediately stop lending cards prior to end of season. This is a great concern for those who rent cards as it is important for them to keep their rental cards all the way until the season ends. This is because they need the collection power points in order to achieve higher ranks.

I write my experience with rental to give a glimpse as to what longer term card holders are reacting to the current limited card supply and high demand. There are some that simply want to earn as much as they can and will do so by raising rental prices to very high values. Some that rent for 10 CP per DEC just because of the demand.

Although last season I tried to raise prices to ride the bull rental wave I still did not raise my prices to extremes. Instead it was marginally higher and still they were all rented out within a day before season ended. The demand is there even if prices were high. Still I had a lot of difficulty canceling and revising the rental listings that I felt it was not worth the effort just to rent at higher prices for a limited time.

I hope once Chaos Legion cards are distributing the rental markets will stabilize even during end of season. Time will tell if and when it will happen. For now the countdown toward Chaos Legions pre-sale is now down to less than four days.


Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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