Crypto market smiling currently as green is all over

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It's a good thing to see what have not been in a good form or state for a long while coming back stronger and getting better, checking out the crypto market today I saw that it is gradually picking form and doing well. Starting with bitcoin token, for the first after the collapsing of FTS which happened towards the end of last year which is November, BITCOIN have been able to go above $20,000, can I see a big recovery after the dip which went from 2021, hopefully it will surely go back to where it was. The price have been dwelling at $16,000 for the past month and now seeing it go past $20,000 is a big sign.


The biggest price which bitcoin have gotten to is $65,000 and I can see it going back there soon which I know 2023 will be a great year for the CRYPTO world, now we would see a lot of people running back into crypto to get some token due to the current condition of CRYPTO and I believe most will be able to make profit in due time if they know well about the crypto world.

Not only bitcoin is doing well in the crypto market we can see Ethereum also have been coming back gradually the way it was before getting to $1,500 also for the first since the end of last year which is November also. This is a great hope that this year will be a good one for cryptocurrency generally just hold and see how it goes later in the future

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