Cryptocurrency is not for everyone.

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Ogungbuyi Mayowa
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I used to wonder how they ever learned about crypto and now have the mindset of putting some of their money in ownership of some coins when I see a lot of individuals who dabble in it and occasionally hear them chat. Many people who are interested in cryptocurrencies have a tendency to give advise to others, but I can confirm that not all of them truly comprehend what they are saying or are intended to be doing so. Most people have been financially deceived unintentionally as a result of listening to advice.


In addition to offering advice, considering someone who is always dependent on a source of income from others and doesn't even understand a little about CRYPTO, imagine that person being advised to invest in cryptocurrency and things go wrong. I don't think that person will be able to handle the dips of crypto because I think anything related to cryptocurrency is not for the faint of heart because it is extremely volatile and anything can happen concurrently.

One should not just enter the crypto world because they are instructed to do so; it might not turn out well in the end. When given guidance in the cryptosphere, one must stop and consider whether that counsel is one that should be followed and will ultimately produce good results, or the opposite.