Don't jump into any crpyto project due to the green market

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We have been seeing the show which crypto currency have put on for the past days now and it was really boasted a lot of things in the crypto market and even with that I know most People would want to get coins due to the fact that most coin are already showing green in the market and they are now prone to getting scammed if proper care is not taken. Those who doesn't understand the crypto world well will want to jump into any project seeing how the market is so I will be talking about that two things which I made mention in the next paragraph.


The first one which I want to talk on is the jumping on any project, now those who are anxious to get more money quickly from crypto will tend to quickly loose all due to the fact that they believe as the market is green all project coin are same and can be invested on which is not so but only those who have better idea can know well.

Conscious of the way we do things currently in crypto because this is a moment when different post and link will be drop due to the fact that many would have accumulated lot of coin in the wallet and those who eventually fall victim if they are not guided. So patience and consciousness is needed.

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