Why do people still become scam victims?

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Speaking of the scam aspect, we do see that a lot of people have been victims of scam, even I who happens to be the one writing this post have also been a victim of scam before which got me down for a long period of time before I got over it. As the world evolves, it grows technologically and a lot have improved also the way things is then done has gradually changed if not totally changed from the way it use to be before. Despite the fact that the topic of scams has been discussed extensively online, an astounding number of people still fall for it every day. What causes this?


One of the main reasons why most people still fall victim to scams despite their level of exposure is because they overestimate their confidence in areas where they shouldn't. Those who believe their intelligence will prevent them from being too cheap for scammers to access are those who fall prey to their schemes because they will eventually become extremely concerned about their profile or anyone having access to their information because of this.

The wallet can still be easily hacked again despite the fact that the password has been changed. Someone whose financial wallet has been hacked in the past but was able to recover the wallet changed the password but did not carry out other verification that is required to make it stronger and difficult for the scammer to gain access to it again.

We live in a highly developed technological age, and as everything can now be done easily through electronic means, one will also need to use more sophisticated security measures to protect their wallet from scammers and hackers.

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Ignorance and necesity, that is the killer combination for scams.