The Biggest COLA in 40 years!

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As some of you know, I had to stop working a while back due to permanent disability. I have a degenerative disease which affects sound 1 in 900k.

Because of this, I made the difficult decision to stop working, and started collecting SSDI. It’s a modest, monthly check which helps a lot, and every year, recipients get a Cost Of Living Adjustment.

It’s an automatic “raise,” based on inflation. Some years it’s nothing, but usually it’s about 1-2%. But this year, I might see the biggest increase in 40 years- all due to inflation and the pandemic 😷 The projection is around 6%. It’s not much, but I’m thinking…a bit more crypto!

Here are the numbers throughout the years:


To me, Social Security is just another house of cards. It’s just not sustainable. A better bet is Hive and @leofinance!

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