Second borehole at Asamang receive massive progress.

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The development of the second borehole at the Asamang by hive is ongoing at the site in Ghana. It is a major project which is undertaken with substantial effects on the well-being of the local population. The continuance of the project will allow the community to have access to clean and safe water, improve their health, and improve their economic and social well-being. In this presentation, I'll go through the significance of the second borehole construction stage and why it the need to serve this community with two boreholes.

First and foremost, the building of the second borehole is critical since it will aid in addressing the community's water shortage problem. The area undergoes extensive dry periods, and the present borehole is insufficient to supply the community's water demands. The building of the second borehole will give extra water supply, alleviating the issue of water scarcity, particularly during the dry season. Today, we share an update on the status of the second borehole at Asamang which has also started phase two of its construction.





Furthermore, the continuance of the initiative will benefit the community's health. Waterborne infections such as cholera, typhoid, and dysentery are caused by a lack of access to clean water and basic sanitation. This second borehole will supply clean and safe water, lowering the community's incidence of waterborne diseases. Moreover, with access to water, the community can maintain adequate cleanliness, enhancing their general health and well-being.






Additionally, the progress of the second borehole will benefit the community's livelihood. The first borehole is placed at the center of the town making this second borehole available at those at the other end of the community. The building of the second borehole will bring water closer to these homes, decreasing transportation expenses and saving them money. Moreover, the availability of water will benefit the local agricultural sector by enabling farmers to produce crops all year long, resulting in higher food production, enhanced food security, and increased revenue. In the coming days, we hope of completing the two major boreholes in the Asamang community for their usage.


Project : *Construction of borehole Location : Asamang (Ghana, West Africa) Sponsor : @valueplan Project manager : @mcsamm & @collinz


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