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FInanace.jpgHey, you crypto nerds! I wanted to hop on here and introduce myself as a fellow nerd, however, my nerdiness encompasses more books on metaphysics and the law of attraction, the stars, and the environment, and fewer numbers but I think I can figure it out.

My name is Samantha Schein, Michael Schein's (a.k.a @leoschein) daughter, which is how I got to be here, in the world of investing. His family and his dad are super into business and investing in stocks and I was always interested in money, even from a young age. I am actually surprised that it took me this long to hop on this wagon.

A little over a year ago, I finally opened up a RothIRA through Schwab and I have been buying stocks ever since. I do some research on stocks that align with my morals and then I have a good time buying them and watching them do well! It’s actually pretty fun to check and see how much my money has increased. I also use the rule to pay myself first. So, every time I get paid, $50 automatically goes into my account before I even see it, and then, because I forget that $50 automatically goes in, I put another $50. I put 100 bucks into my RothIRA every week and then I put 30% of the rest of my pay into my savings. Now I know savings accounts are not the best way to make money but I use mine as kind of a security. I also pull from it to buy stocks sometimes but besides that, I rarely touch it. For the first time in my life with my Schwab and my savings account, I have finally saved/earned over 10,000! I am 27 and I feel like since I am new to this and I travel a lot it’s kind of a big deal.

Before all the investing, I was always pretty good at saving money but I was never able to save enough. My whole relationship with money has taken a 180. Before, I felt like I couldn’t afford things and had alligator arms but now, after reading so many books like The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles I like to save, give, and receive. I am a money magnet. It has completely changed my perspective and outlook on the circulation of money.

After opening up a Schwab account, I opened up Acorns, Robinhood, and Webull. I also have bought Bitcoin and Ethereum with PayPal (I was a little late to the crypto game so I don’t own very much of it but at least I finally made it). Acorns is great because it’s money that I am saving without even realize I am saving it. I do the roundups and also put in 5 bucks a week. Robinhood is awesome because I got some free stock when I opened the account and then I put $100 in it to buy some stock so again it’s a good app to have and forget about (because I have Schwab which is my main account). I also have bought some Dogecoin with Robinhood which was a lot of fun. Webull is supposedly super user-friendly but I haven’t explored this app too much. I put $100 bucks in it to get some free stocks. I really need to take the time to learn how to use it because it’s supposed to be an awesome way to trade with no fees. I will have to do some research, watch some YouTube videos and then I can get into it more!

I am a preschool teacher as well as an ESL teacher on the side. I am interested in real estate and hope to one-day purchase multifamily. I like to volunteer when I travel to give back and serve different communities. In the fall I am going to New Mexico to learn how to build Earthships because one of my biggest passions is taking care of the planet (which is also why I am plant-based/vegan). I enjoy hiking, snowboarding, skating, and making money! I am excited to add Leo to my portfolio of sorts. I have a beginner’s mind and a lot to learn. I am grateful to use this site to learn from others who are more experienced and knowledgeable.

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