Lost $800 in stocks!! Why I am not panicking

1 month ago
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So, within the past few days, I have not really enjoyed looking at my Schwab account. When I press the app on my phone and the first thing I see are red numbers I know it’s not a good look. This is the first time since I have been buying stocks that I “lost” over 800 dollars! I am still not thinking of it has taken an L though. I remain optimistic. I have learned that there are a number of things that affect the stock market such as supply and demand, reddit users, sometimes war, government policies, international conflicts, meme accounts, natural disasters, and, the biggest one within the past year, a pandemic. This is why the stock market is risky and can seem like a game sometimes, it’s up and down and up again. (Viewing it as a game makes it more fun for me and sometimes I really do forget it's real money, this can be both good and bad lol) This is also why I invest for the long run! I invest in the stock market using my RothIRA and I invest in stocks that I think will still be a hit later on down the road, even if the road is a little rocky at first (like when I first purchased Starbucks!). I do some research and then I buy. I am not too concerned with when I buy because I am not interested in selling right now. (Some people probably read that and thought that that's because I am not taking it seriously enough and you're probably right but alas, it's a gamble nonetheless) But I do know that when the market is down like it has been, it is the perfect time to buy! Buy and hold. When the market is down, there's only one way it could go. Just takes patience.

A few of these stocks that I am interested in and loving include; LMND (Lemonade Inc), PLUG (Plug Power Inc), SEDG (Solaredge Tech), RUN (Sunrun Inc), and UPWK (Upwork Inc). At first glance, you would recognize immediately that most of these stocks are based on renewable energy. I strongly believe that if we look at the issues of the world and the companies that are trying to solve them and make the world better, that these are the companies that are going to survive. Fossil fuel is on its way out, it absolutely has to be in order for us to survive on this planet (who knows though, maybe we will all leave and go to Mars with Elon and then it won’t matter). Change is inevitable and change is a good thing. There are so many opportunities that renewable energy brings that fossil fuels, like oil and coal, don’t. It’s the future. So, I love to invest in solar power. These companies have been consistent so far and I don’t really see that changing.

One company that I haven’t invested in yet but have been hearing a lot about is GE (General Electric). On the radio today they were talking about the wind turbines that GE are producing and how it’s greater than Amazons(I wasn’t even aware that Amazon was producing turbines) and how one turbine will produce enough energy for 12,000 houses, just one rotation could power a house for 2 days! That is incredible. GE also does a lot of other things besides wind turbines which is also a plus. Seeing as how the stock is less than 13 bucks right now I think it is worth investing in. (I am no expert I am just going off my own experience over the past year with my own account, I am not a financial advisor or anything of the sort so please do your own research and go with your gut.) Some say it won’t be a good stock for the long term but I have a pretty good feeling. So, while it’s low that’s one stock I am going to add to my portfolio!

If you like to invest in renewable energy, I would love to hear about other companies that are doing well! Leave a comment below about your feelings on the stock market over the past few days. image.png

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