RE: Lesson 3: Bitcoin is not ready for mass adoption: scalability problem

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Yes!! I totally agree. Corrected the 80 billions (way too much)
Definitely BTC is going to be mass adopted as store of value, it is already, because without having many applications as other blockchains, it is the leader in capitalization, and the scarcity associated with the mining will increase that value.

I meant, not scalable as itself and as transaction currency to descentralize mainstream channels. Indeed I was reading information about Ripple approach to make descentralization possible for international bank transactions. And yes, Lightning network is a topic I'm working on as well.

Thank you for commenting.

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I think a lot of the scaling critique is also around poor UTXO management a lot of people don't interact with the chain correctly and group too many UTXOs together and thus increasing their transaction size even if the value isn't high in terms of Satoshis and then say Bitcoin isn't scalable

Sure this isn't a front end thing most people see or understand abs they pay the price for it but I don't think that's the fault of the chain either, but user experience interfaces and education on Bitcoin


If only a couple of fine young gentlemen could get some free time and create a manual of some description 😛


Lol If Bitcoin were to moon and buy these gentlemen lets say a 1 month paid vacation I think it could be done