What caused Solana's shut down

Source It's been almost a week since Solana was brought to a halt and the block chain suspended in order to ensure the block chains…

International relations crumble as AUKUS Defence pact makes news

Source It's been a few days since the launch of AUKUS a defence pact between Australia

Bitcoin has been legal in Australia since 2013 so why isn't anyone talking about it?

Watching the world clash over digital currencies has been something a little odd for me. My country or origin Australia has legalised…

Solana takes a dive and Opensea moves into the world of mobile devices

Source It's on

Vitalik features as Time's 100 most influential people as $US1b of Ethereum burned and El Salvador to bring Bitcoin ATM'S to the US

Ethereum has hit a significant milestone in the burning of Ethereum brought on by the London Hard Fork which took place on August 5th.…

Australia to increase defence spending in new US, UK and Australian defence pact

Last night Australian media went into overdrive as an emergency briefing was held between the US, UK and Australia which also involved…

Bitcoin upgrade: Taproot, 3 years in the making

It's not everyday that you hear about Bitcoin network news the block chain has been relatively quite with no upgrades since around 2017…

Mimicking is the highest form of flattery, but will it be enough to keep Sol in 6th place?

Source As the saying goes Mimicking is the highest form of flattery but will it be enough to keep Sol in 6th place? After an…

Does Terra have the ultimate stability?

Cryptocurrency is a highly volatile industry with massive peaks and even larger dips, much of it tied to the movement of Bitcoin. Up until…

El Salvadore builds nations Bitcoin infrastructure on Algorand

Source With Bitcoin now being legal tender in El Salvador the nation has turned to Algorand to build its bitcoin infrastructure, despite…

Mastercard joins Visa and PayPal for Crypto payments

It was recently announced that Mastercard is altering its business model to join the likes of PayPal and Visa to enable cryptocurrency…

TerraLabs: Anchor Protocol

Source I recently shared some news on the South Koren block chain Terra which is trading its token as Luna. Its one of those I wish I…

Only 100 million HIVE left on the exchanges

The charts below show how much HIVE is stored on each exchange where HIVE is listed. Rule #1 in the crypto world: Don't store your…

China bans gaming, will we see a Decentralised Gaming Boom?

There's a lot of people out there that label China Communist but let's be honest here, China is not a Communist nation it may operate in…

ADA smart contracts takes off to a shakey start

Cardano's smart contract launch has caused a significant backlash from its community resulting in many leaving the network. At current it…

Do people in Cryptocurrency have their heads in the toilet? A game with no game

You have to admit, this whole crypto craze is pretty impressive with alot of real world such as streamlined payment systems that are…

Solana, ADA and Luna three projects and their incoming changes to look out for

September has been an interesting month this year and has brought with it a bit of uncertainty in the market. With many expecting a dip…

Ethereum moves into negative production

It's been 32 days since Ethereums EIP-1559 London Hard Fork took place and it's proving to be a highly successful business pivot for the…

First signs of the Ethereum Flippening

Wow! What a rush, it's always an exciting time when a bull run is on and you see your bags moon. For me it is only Hive that is mooning…

ADA commences smart contracts

Well here we go, this September is already gearing up for an impressive buck to the trend with it traditionally being a month of dips it's…