New to Leofinance and it's website. My initial thoughts and opinion.

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Good afternoon everyone I hope you're having a great day. As Leofinance is new to me and this is the first time I've logged in via the website to use it I thought I would let you know what it looks like to fresh eyes.

First hearing about LeoFinance

I think it's important to start the beginning when I first joined Steem I loved what it stood for but its inception was limited. It's design didn't really suite and I didn't like the look and feel. I continued on the platform but stopped about 8 - 9 months ago.

When I returned a hardfork occurred to become Hive and the look and feel was better set up. I decided to invest in my acct and have been quite active ever since.

I've noticed a lot more communities have gotten involved and some are doing it better than others.

## Leofinance
I first stumbled across Leofinance in communities and saw that it was growing an active community base. I was drawn to it but with its heavy focus on crypto finance I was scared. Previous advice had cost me in excess of $10,000. I left the crypto market and now just enjoy blogging about things I enjoy in the communities I enjoy.

However I have been experimenting with alot of the newer developments on the blockchain so decided to give Leofinancea a whiz.

## The verdict

It's smooth, I haven't experienced any crashes or lags as some of the others have been going through. Sign up and sign in were easy.

The colour pallet is nice it aligns well with the theme. I think the posting in communities section is a little confusing but I've noticed this with other handles also. At current I think I am posting in the leofinance community but won't know until I finish.

I like how my power bar up the top shows it's full. I'm a little confused as where to see my voting weight and it's value. Another thing that isn't done there isn't anything to tell me how much Leo I need to have sufficient voting weight.

All in all I really enjoy the look and feel and functionality of the website. I think by far it is one of the more superior ones.

But let's see how we go. I'm not much for posting about finance so I feel a lil left out of an awesome growing community that I'd like to get involved in. But I'll give it a crack anyway.

I did notice an early post I made on hive in the LEO community didn't secure me any Leo so I think it is abit limiting. Other communities allow you to still earn if you post in their communities on hive.

If you have any specific questions for fresh eyes please feel free to let me know and I'll happily provide some constructive criticism.

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