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Ah the great debate. People love renewable energy when governments are shilling out cash to prop it up. The main investors of renewable energy are governments. Private sectors do not go into new sectors easily, it's not a smart business move.

But if there is someone shilling out free cash "subsidies" "tax incentives" this reduces the risk of failure. And when governments starts throwing cash at things it is like the ultimate mum and dad guarantor.

Just because a company is pro renewables it doesn't necessarily correlate with its boards own personal beliefs. Or investments.

Money is always central to people's decisions.

For all we know though, Elon could be building an entire renewable energy farm to farm bitcoin. I don't think there is much blocking sunlight in space, no doubt the perfect place to build a solar power plant. Constant free unobstructed sunlight.

It would also be the best place to have batteries charged, the issue is getting them into space, that's the costly part.

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