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Good morning Lion's I trust you are safe and well and clicking those claim buttons on all your farms dispersed all across the cryptosphere. Bit of a nightmare with lots of fees and lots of logging in and out. Cryptocurreny and Block Chain technology has provided an alternative to past financial models yet, despite all its advances it is still quite primitive in its functionality.

Interoperability: A word that for sometime now has been thrown around Reddit subchats, front pages of crypto blogs and promises of it from many new block chains. Yet despite all the hype (looking at you Polkadot) no one has to date delivered a truly interoperable system, until now.... well soon.


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If you're no longer motivated to stake on Proof of Brain networks or have given up on the continued launches and projects that you're able to stake in and are hoping for a quicker and easier system then I have an important piece of news for you.

As you are aware, Terra (Luna) is the new kid on the block and it is looking to create use cases and further drive technological advances within the block chain industry. It remains one of my favourite block chains purely based on what they are trying to achieve and what they already have. But today I want to focus on a new project that will soon launch on the Terra (Luna) network and will change the way Proof Of Staking (PoS) is currently undertaken.
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Launching soonish on the Terra Network is Strader Labs a one stop shop to all your PoS needs rolling in multiple different block chains into the one place. That's right! no more multiple wallets across multiple chains and trying to keep reack of it. Slater Labs is here to help you earn more easier.

With added features of more information added about validators i.e: better control over profits and losses Stader aims to bring you the one stop shop for all your crypto staking needs.

Not Just a Terra Network thang

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Since the launch of the Columbus 5 hard fork which saw Terra further build on top of the Cosmos network to increase interoperability and access many other block chains. Although the main movement is having UST listed on other networks many new projects are starting to launch to take advantage of the added cross chain frame work.

Starder will first launch on the Terra Network which is currently undertaking tests on the Terra Testnet to ensure the code is sufficient to handle much of the investment from across multiple chains. Solana will follow suit as will Cosmos, Near and Ethereum as outlined on their website.

Users will be able to stake their PoS tokens onto Stader taking advantage of higher returns and easy of use.

**Airdrop? **

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So is there an airdrop? There doesn't appear to be but the project is seeking expression of interest for its early bird access to their secret launch which can be found here I am pretty excited about Stader roll out and if it does everything the project has promised they I can see smooth sails into the future of PoS staking.

I'm interest to know, will you be using Stader?

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