The mysterious Nebula Protocol on Terra

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Good morning Lions I trust that you are safe and well and enjoying your week it has been a little bit busy for me over the past month planning and developing my own project I am looking at launching but I am still putting in time to research other tokens and emerging projects. Mainly on the Terra (Luna) Network but a few others also.

Nebula Protocol

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This next project is quite the intriguing one as it is still early days and it doesn't currently have a website but it does have a twitter account which can be found here. This is often a bad sign for any project starting up as people want to be able to research a token/project to see what they are getting themselves into.

Not having proper social media can also lead people to believing that it is a fake project or a scam. I have been following this project for a little while as I was a little suss on it and still am. But either way the project team is quite active on social media and they are still moving towards completing development.

So what is it?

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So first of all to provide a little bit of reassurance (I am not fully) this project is listed for a launch on Pylon and there are some air drops scheduled to Terra (Luna) Stakers so where at the moment there isn't much there we typically know that half decent project launch and provide air drops to Luna stakers.

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As you can see there is still a few more project launches prior to Nebula and their $neb token. It is also tipped to be one of the top five upcoming terra projects as Nebula aims to redevelop passive investment strategies by providing customisable asset clusters. it is essentially a bucket you can buy into instead of purchasing one token you can head over to Nebula allocate $1000 and create a portfolio built of multiple Terra (Luna) assets including I believe what is on offer on Mirror finance.

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Twitter user Danxia_Capital went on a bit of an updating speel which can be seen here explaining that Nebula will be a dynamic ETF providing a new age of Defi and help stabilise the market through a community consensus protocol.

Although the project is relatively new and I can not find a website they do have a telegram account and seem quite active answering peoples questions which you can join here.

Time will tell if this is a legitimate project and not a rug I hope they have a working website up for more information readily available in the coming weeks or it might just impact the project.

What are your thoughts? do you know more about Nebula and would like to provide an update. please let me know in the comments section below.

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