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I am like you, @jongolson, I LOVE using non-legacy platforms. I was an early adopter of Brave Browser, on both mobile and PC years ago when it came out as a fork from Chromium. I started using Presearch after witnessing the visual decline of DuckDuckGo. I love LeoThreads, and hate Twitter. I never liked Twitch, a fellow Hive user introduced me to after I Threaded about my latest gameplay update from Dragon Age: Origins.

I am very excited to use Chat.peakD and look forward to all Hive communities deleting their Discord communities and onboarding their users to their native Chat servers on Hive instead.

Also one thing that was seriously lacking with Hive was P2P encrypted chats. I hate Telegram and Discord, and look forward to the day when neither has to be used to reach people around the globe again!

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