RE: The Exponential Growth Of HBD

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500K users on Hive? - I think that's practical once LeoFinance's Alpha UI is finalized and put into production form with LeoAds.

Radically increasing the number of locations/sites which people can spent HBD? - HivePay can help, especially with things like @Hive-Shop providing a perfect model for how to create an e-commerce store with $HIVE and Layer-2 tokens as accepted forms of payment. Having a mobile P2P Hive-based payments app would also help.

Doubling the amount people place in savings and, if developed, time vaults especially if tied to other applications? - pHBD, bHBD, wHBD could all help with building out DApps on other chains, like Polygon, BSC, Ethereum, potentially expanding to Avalanche with an avaxHBD or aHBD for simpler terms.

a second layer financial system(s) with a wrapped version of HBD as the core token? - This is definitely a promising development and I look forward to learning more

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