RE: Web 3.0 Will Create A New Middle Class

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I really liked this article, and I've since shared it with several of my friends, all of whom are stuck in the system. I think that the internet has the potential to free the poor, unwashed masses (the deplorables, as Hitlery called them) from the enslavement they have been under by the media, politicians, and Wall St.

I'm definitely more old-school, I've been an internet user for about 17 years, and seen a dramatic change in how it is used and how it is supported (infrastructure-wise). Seeing how easy it was for unnamed "hackers" to interfere with the CDNs like Fastly & CLoudflare, and effectively turn off most "social" media platforms, was a big wake up call. Not only can the government turn off the internet in many countries, but the service providers themselves can be cut off, and there's no one to pick up the slack, other than protocols like the IPFS or P2P content delivery.

The biggest problem I've witnessed in transitioning away from the duopoly of CDNs in the US, is the lack of viable alternatives. If so much of the heavily-used (and depended-upon) internet is so easily shut off by single points of failure, that should encourage development of viable alternatives.

There is one in the works, in terms of web browsers (not the CDN, itself) called, which I'm fascinated by and awaiting early access to. A web browser built on top of the Lightning Network as a Layer-3 solution could be a game-changer in small ways, but we still have the issue of the Content Delivery, itself.

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