My 4 Strategies To Invest In Chaos Legion Edition | Splinterlands #140

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Back in July 2020, when I started playing splinterlands, we were two months away from the Azmure Dice edition release, and there was a lot of fanfare and build-up. During those early days, I tried to consume a lot of splinterlands content and then put it into practice by playing and completing daily quests and earning those sweet, sweet daily and seasonal rewards. As I was still new to splinterlands, I didn't get that involved in the Azmure Dice edition, and it's the edition that I have the least number of cards.

What attracted me to splinterlands was the play-to-earn aspect and winning cards that had value. In those early days, two articles that stood out were:

While these articles are a couple of years old, they give great insight into different investment strategies that new and seasoned players could use. Considering these strategies and the impending Chaos Legion packs opening on the 8th of December, what will my approach be?

Buy 200 Chaos Legion Packs

My initial goal with Chaos Legion was to purchase 100 packs, but as I posted a couple of weeks ago that by selling the airdropped $vouchers, I had received $608. Therefore, I have updated my goals to purchase 200 Chaos Legion, of which 100 I will open, and the other 100 will remain unopened. For the unopened packs, I will look to HODL and then look to sell once they go out of print.

Buy Rare Chaos Legion Summoners

I have found that investing in Rare Summoners tends to pay off long-term. Not only do they allow you to play higher levelled monsters, but they will tend to retain their value in the long term. Earlier this year, I focused on levelling up all Untamed Rare Summoners. I still remember spending $19 total (yes, you read that correctly) to get Rare Water Summoner, Bortus to level 5. The cheapest level 5 Bortus will now set you back $800!

Buy Legendary Neutral Monsters


This one is simple – purchase Legendary Neutral Monsters. These tend to be highly sought after once the editions have gone out of print, and more importantly, they tend to be excellent monsters.

Buy Gold Foil Zero Mana-Cap Monsters

zero cap.png

One of my biggest regrets with splinterlands is not purchasing Gold Foil Furious Chicken for sub $10! It's now going for $350! Furious Chicken is one of the most used monsters in splinterlands due to its zero-mana cost.

Thanks to @flauwy, who published a detailed post of all the Chaos Legion monsters and summoners, which revealed that there would be five zero-mana cost legendary monsters with the release of Chaos Legion. This strategy/goal will be a bit of stretch-goal as Gold Foil legendary monsters will always be pricey, but I don't want to have another Furious Chicken regret on my hands!


Well, there we have it; these are the four strategies I will look to utilize for the Chaos Legion release. I will not be initiating these strategies on day 1 of Chaos Legion, but I will employ these strategies while Chaos Legion packs are still in print.


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Thank you for reading, and I hope you have a good rest of the day!

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I'm definitely gonna start by stacking rare summoners as well, if I can.

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I'd recommend not opening those 100 packs. That's few enough that they are essentially lottery tickets. You only get nice, even distributions and prevent terrible luck once you open like 1000 packs.


I read your analysis on 1000 packs - very good points. I may have to rethink my strategy!

10 mo

Oh glad you read it! I thought about linking it in my comment, but didn't want to seem like I was shilling my post in your own well-done post.

I should have also said, I agree with your other points (with the exception of maybe Dr. Blight - I think he's a bit overrated, especially after seeing all the other CL spoilers). There isn't a single of the rare summoners that isn't really good IMO. And of course the fiends will be good. What I can't decide is how often fiend+chicken will be useful in the wild format.

10 mo (edited)

The idea of to hodl pack is new to me, I could try it too, even though I don't buy too many packs, but I will keep in mind to hold some of them.


I am guessing that the best strategy for folks with smaller wallets will be to buy and hold CL packs if they can get them. It really seems to me like the only way for that to happen for folks who are late movers or small wallets like me is the xchaos approach. I can't see any reason why whales won't want at least 1000 packs each and probably more. I'm definitely on the side of "these will sell out in less than a day." Are you concerned about that or are you able to particiapte in the presale?


Thanks for sharing! - @alokkumar121