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I want to know, who else has his or her thoughts filled with this fun challenge and how you should go about it to get that Crown? I'm still having those thoughts because I know how challenging this fun would be considering how amazing these Dreemers are when it comes to challenges lol.

But one thing is sure, any who would participate in this challenge will have a lot of fun even if you're new to the whole *"DREEMPORT OR DREEMER" thing hehe. And I'll be sharing simpler ways for you to get in even from this moment after reading the post.

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To think that I actually had this thought some weeks back about Dreemport... Wouldn't there be a challenge after the podcast? I know almost nothing about podcasting so I couldn't get in that fun πŸ₯² and then I saw the new challenge about The Dreemer Of The Year it is definitely something to jump right in to and I don't want to do that alone so I'm inviting you to come join in.

Who's organising the challenge?

If you've never heard of Dreemport, that would mean you're yet to know a really fun part of Hive but here is a glimpse of what Dreemport is about.




I'll leave a link to get you signed up immediately so you could participate in the challenge.

I believe you would want more (real people) eyes on your contents so why not make good use of this opportunity and experience genuine love from content readers... What do you say?

I've signed up and I want to be part of the challenge so what is it about?

Dreemer of the year challenge starts tomorrow and here is a list of fun activities you'll have to do to get good enough points to compete for the Crown. Note, you don't have to do all of them but who wouldn't when he or she wants to win the crown huh?


No need to stress your eyes on that, I'll put it all in simpler texts that you could follow and get in the fun.

Promotion of the challenge

This begins the challenge just like what I'm doing, telling whoever would listen about the challenge so they don't cry on you that you didn't tell them about it when it began. Spread words about Dreemport challenge or about your participation in it, tell your friends, even a simple tag to notify your friends on Hive here is a promotional move for the Crown... Easy, isn't it?

For every promotion you do whether on Hive, twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, reblog and many more ways you could think of, you get points for it. After promoting, you're to submit the links or screenshots (for promotions without links) in HERE

This phase ends today but you know it doesn't take much time to do promotions, just copy the link of the announcement post or other promotional posts you could find in the #dreemeroftheyear tag and share on different social platform.

Promote Your Post Thursday (PYPT)

Every Thursday (December 1st will be the first one) by 8:00am UTC (5pm Nigerian time), you visit Dreemport discord channel for pypt to share a post of yours or another's either by talking or writing a little about it for others to go visit it... It's another way to get more eyes on your contents.

To add to that, the challenge for the crown will give points to whoever attends and promotes a post (yours or another author's post).

Three Posts for three Fridays Submissions

The first post to write and share on Dreemport for submission has been revealed in the challenge announcement post... You're to research and share any knowledge about crypto to your readers and you get a point so long your post passed the screening phase on Dreemport.

The other Fridays posts will be revealed as the challenge progresses but believe it, they are all fun and would be easy to join in so no worries.

Challenge Engagement Fun With Ecency Frontend

This may seem like the most difficult for who has too much to do offline but hey! You do want to get that Crown huh? Then you'll have to get in this part of the challenge and that is exploring the amazing frontend, Ecency.

Use ecency to post, comment, reblog, reply comments and anything you want to do on Hive... You get ecency points from the frontend and you also grow your chances in the challenge when you get to the top ten on the ledger board.

Is it challenging? Yes, it sure is Is it fun? It is so much fun Is it rewarding? You win the Crown, you're a celebrity for the next one year with a lot of rewards

Click here to check out the prizes that awaits the one who the Crown fits at last... There will be other prizes for others who participated but the most important thing Dreemport wants is that we all have fun as the year comes to an end so make sure you do that.

Screenshots are from Dreemport site Challenge image and banner are properties of Dreemport*
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