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There's a lot going on in the Hive engine and there's more that could go on there if you set yours to be that way and from the little I've done to mine, I can't hide the fact that Hive has been more than a blessing to me in every way. While it's cool to stack up as much Hive tokens as you can, stacking up Hive engine tokens will also benefit you a lot and even help you grow your hive tokens as well.

For sometime now, I've been busy with my Hive engine tokens using my Hive rewards. Good thing is that, some of the tokens require little amount of Hive to get them and then you decide to increase their number daily or weekly. I usually check for their price almost everyday to buy at cheaper rates.

From all the tokens I'll mention, there's one that's very high to get with your hive token price being low at the moment but it has helped me in so many ways since I started buying it little by little.

*Keeping your hive engine busy with your hive and Leo tokens

First of all, you need Hive to keep your hive engine busy and that is by either buying other Hive engine token or delegating your Hive power to accounts that will keep your hive engine busy.




I delegated some to leo.voter and blocktunes and I've been getting a good payouts daily for my delegation in my Hive engine. Music tokens are what I get from delegating to blocktunes. You can see how little my rewards are now but I plan to grow them and it is definitely an addition even if I leave it that way.

Not making use of this opportunity at all is what I don't want, I plan to continue no matter how slowly.

Keeping your Hive engine busy with Bro tokens

Ever since I got to know about Bro token even though I feel like I got the knowledge a bit too late, I've never failed to grow it as slow as I can by buying a few when the price went down a bit.


Holding Bro will not only give you Hive tokens weekly, it will also give you votes on your posts daily. The more Bro token you hold, the more rewards you'll enjoy. Delegating to brofi account will also help you gather Bro token as the rewards for delegating to them is in Bro tokens.

Keeping your Hive engine with Dhedge token

I only got to know about this token a few days ago, I bought a tiny amount of it and was surprised to see the number of other tokens I could earn if I hold more of the tokens. Stacking up Dhedge token doesn't require much of your money as the token is a low at the moment.



After seeing all these rewards, buying more of the tokens was the first thing that came to mind because the higher Dhedge tokens I hold, the more rewards you'll get. You can imagine how busy your Hive engine can be holding this token and many others.

There are still many other tokens to hold and grow your hive earnings, I plan to find them out little by little and continue to grow my investments. Are you keeping your hive engine busy as well? If not, you can start now.

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