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Sounds cool. I know people who don't like traveling cause they need their meds (cannabis).

I'd like to be a big booger and point out that California is not so cool if you are wanting to smoke and are visiting.

Sure, you can buy cannabis almost anywhere but its such a smoker unfriendly world here. The restaurants are smoke free, as well as public transportation, you can't smoke within 25 feet of buildings, and you can't smoke at any parks or city spaces.

Staying at a hotel? Be ready to pay the extra "smoking" fee that they charge if they can tell you smoked at the place.

So yes, Cali, I love it, I love being able to get cannabis delivered right to my front door, but if I was a tourist - at least here in San Diego County, you better get the vapes or edibles.

Rant over. haha.

Thanks for helping me put Thailand back on my dream board!

Guess I better get those AVA tokens.

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