How to Earn Lunar Crush Everyday!

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Hello HODLers!

I know that many of us are interested in way to earn crypto without any investment, so I'd like to introduce you Lunar Crush and how to earn on the platform.

LunarCrush is a social intelligence platform for cryptocurrency investors.It is a new blockchain start-up launched a few months ago of which I am accumulating the token completely free of charge, without any investment, just some minutes of my daily free time.I'm talking about Lunr Crush, a platform that, using social intelligence, allows users to analyze social information and to track social insights regarding the crypto market in order to be able to intercept high-potential crypto.

Currently the platform is in the promotion phase, therefore it allows users to collect some of their token (LUNR) daily by interacting within the platform by answering short questions within its sections, as you can see from the screenshot

Every day, at 12pm UTC, Lunr Crush calculates how many points you have earned by interacting on the platform and every day they are automatically converted into Lunr, here's the Coinmarketcap link:

How do I earn Lunr?Lunr is distributed at a rate of 65,000 tokens per day to start. There will be a halving on Day 732, or October 22, 2023, where the daily reward will be cut in half to 32,500 tokens per day, and then again on Day 1464, October 23, 2025 to 16,250 tokens per day.Lunr is given away based upon the number of points you earn each day, relative to all users who earn points. Points can be earned by using LunarCrush each day, providing opinions, holding Lunr, and inviting friends to participate. Points are calculated at the end of each day and distributed as Lunr, which can be claim into your wallet.Additionally, 50,000 Lunr will be distributed every 7 days in a weekly rewards drop to all users who remain in Level 2 or Level 3 all week as well as those with the highest points in those levels. There will be a halving on Day 732, or October 22, 2023, where the weekly reward will be cut in half to 25,000 tokens per week, and then again on Day 1464, October 23, 2025 to 12,500 tokens per week.

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