RE: Hive Power Up Month - Feedback from May - Day 15

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PeakD, Ecency, LeoFinance. Basically all of the major ones.

You can typically write a draft and schedule it for posting later.

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I got it. But I don't usually post on daily basis. It depends on whether I have any interesting content in my mind. My concern is more on the powering up of 1 HIVE per day. I am still lost as to the exact cut-off. I am just following Hivestats Account Growth. Whenever I see a new date, that's the time I power up.


I understand. The post scheduling would just be an alternative for those day that you don’t have internet access. (You can do 100% power up posts or power up 1Hive interchangeably). For the timing, you could check your badges on Hivebuzz. The badge of the current month has a status bar. If the bar is red, you miss at least one day. Otherwise it will be green. It could be red if you did not yet power up for today.

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Yes, that's why I was anxious the other day because I was traveling at that time. I still could not access my Hive account using my mobile phone.