The Great Bull Run of 2021 and My Concerns for Hive

Hi Everyone, So far, in 2021, cryptocurrency markets are experiencing an amazing Bull Run. Bitcoin had a very strong 2020 but its…

Are We In For A Long Depression?

I came across an article that discusses this topic. In the United State, the Great Depression gets all the attention. It was a global…

Guide to Steem Ecosystem Course Content

Hi Everyone, In this post, I have included the write-ups for each unit/lecture for my upcoming Steem Ecosystem Udemy course. I have…
2 yr

A Closer Look Into the SteemCoinpan [SCT] Community and Tokenomics

The SteemCoinpan community is on of the most successful on the Steem Blockchain. It is a Steem Engine tribe for the Korean users. The…