RE: UI Refresh, LeoBridge, Kingdoms Release and Major Farms/Dens Update

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If you entered those pools early you've definitely made profits and you're not in loss, despite the 4% fee.

All the changes being proposed are for a prosperous LEO/CUB economy. The fact that the team offered a lot more options to those who wanted to participate unlike many other teams out there doesn't mean that they can't implement changes for the greater good. What would you do if there wasn't a DOT den in the first place? You'd watch from the sidelines?

People need to understand this: Every block a new CUB token is produced. Then it "splits" in 140 pieces (that's the multiplier you see). Then, 40 of those pieces go to CUB/BUSD farm...24 to CUB/BNB farm...and so on which are finally "given" to those in those pools depending on the stake they've locked. How is it fair for the rest that DOT/BNB has a 6x multiplier when traffic in that farm is close to zero?

BTW, nobody forces you to take larger positions in ETH or BTC...just don't use the new feature.

Again, all the changes are for a prosperous CUB economy. NOT for a prosperous DOT/ADA/XRP...whatever coin is out there...the fact that you did have the option to stake your DOT and earn CUB in the first place was just a bonus.

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