A look beyond BTC's price...

25 days ago
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Everyone could see that coming. Maybe not so soon but like the dude said...it was inevitable....

World's richest man and proud owner of Tesla motors, whose tweets alone are enough to affect the entire crypto market did what he thought it would be best for himself and his company. His company bought 1.5 billion dollars worth of BTC and showed everyone how things get done.


A huge step towards mass adoption.

We've seen many corporations / institutions acquiring BTC the last couple of years so seeing another huge firm like Tesla making an announcement about their latest acquisition shouldn't be a surprise. But it is. Why? Because they also announced that they'll be accepting BTC as a form of payment for their products. Plain and simple...Not BTC conversions to USD that would still be huge news, but direct BTC transfers so that their customers can purchase a brand new Tesla car.

And just like that the best performing digital asset will have a real life use case and will become part of our daily routine.

Why is it important that it's Elon behind all this?

How many times have you tried to convince family members or friends or even colleagues to have a look at cryptocurrencies and that it would be wise for them to invest some FIAT money in a digital asset, regardless if it's BTC or ETH or even HIVE...

I've tried like a thousand times and 99% of those times I failed miserably. Why? Because governments make sure that their puppet journalists will misinform the audience that is watching the news as much as they can regarding cryptocurrencies.

Every now and then a news about a guy who kidnapped a shipowner's daughter and demands a ransom of 10 mill USD to be paid in BTC so that they will release her...or drug lords who do business only if they get paid in BTC so that nobody can trace them...or news about the dark web and how everyone's using various untraceable cryptocurrencies so that they can buy illegal stuff etc...a propaganda against crypto.

And that's where Elon comes into play. You see this is the richest man f the world we are talking about. A guy who doesn't even need BTC yet he has a vision, and it's exactly because of people like him technology has made giant steps forward. So what is it that made him invest in BTC after all? That I can't tell but exactly because he's dumb just like Peter Schiff clearly stated, he must have realized that crypto might be the future currency of Earth.

A must watch...

Now news can't hide shit. This time this isn't about a kidnapper...nor a drug lord...nor about some famous criminal. It's about the richest man on Earth that heavily invested in BTC...it's about a massive firm that offer their clients an unthinkable up until now way to purchase their products.

And this is how a turning point looks like. Even my father asked me earlier today: "You think it's a good idea to throw some money in BTC?" and trust me on that...if my father asked me something like that, a guy who has been super conservative his entire life then thousands of fathers / uncles / brothers asked that very same question today.

This is why it is important that it was Elon and mot some random rich man...

On a side note: What do you think BMW / HONDA / MERCEDES...you name executives are doing right now? My guess is that they called a board and trying to figure out what just happened and if they should follow Elon's lead...

And that's how it starts...the domino effect...

Have a good one people.


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