HIVE went 30% up...but for a moment only. HIVE - LEO comparison.

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The last couple of weeks I’ve been experimenting with hourly trading and even scalp trading. Scalp trading gave me more white hair the last 2 weeks hence I stopped it, but hourly trading is profitable and fun...well that's when things play out well at least.

I guess you can all understand that this is the 1 hour chart of HIVE/BTC on Bittrex right? Right.

20200922 23_47_520.00001554 BTCHIVE Hive  Bittrex.png

You see that huge spike right there? You can't miss it.

You won't see that kind of spikes in any other exchange other than Bittrex. Why? Because the order book is full of small orders and there's not much liquidity either.

Therefore if one is willing to spend a fair amount of BTC and buy HIVE they usually have to move the entire market/price 15% / 20% / and in this case 30%+

I have a pretty good feeling who is behind this 500K+ purchase...

But as you can see a few minutes later the price came back down to "normal" levels. And that's because people are dumping their HIVE tokens on first chance...Stupidity at its finest...don't mind me...

How do you expect a new, higher baseline for HIVE to be formed if you are dumping your tokens left and right as if it's garbage? Geeezz...

One the other hand look at this beautiful chart and this beautiful order book right here...

20200923 00_07_47Leo DEX.png

Every single time someone is dumping their LEO tokens there's a new buyer willing to buy at even higher price. WHY?

20200923 00_08_20Leo DEX.png

You think it's just because of the Uniswap launch which is taking place tomorrow? NO! Even before the whole Uniswap thing 90% of all LEO tokens were staked. Sure people are now buying LEO tokens so that they can provide liquidity and such but it's more than that.

People behind the LEO scenes are working really hard to accomplish all those things that those who pulled the strings on STEEM and now on HIVE haven't.

They are working methodically and in a really short period of time made every single LEO holder dreaming again.

Nuff said...

I really do hope that both HIVE and LEO will perform according to their potential in the near future. Why wouldn't I?

I hold a fair amount of both...

Have a good one people.


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