If Hive's price remain at these levels, this is what comes next...

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I don't know how many of you are familiar with @penguinpablo's tool but it's probably the only website that I am aware of that contains info about the internal median price.

OK, OK..most of you know what it is but there are also people around here who have just joined Hive and have no clue why their upvote value is worth 10 cents and a couple of days later it is worth 15.

I am not going to delve into details and will try to keep it as simple as possible so that everybody can understand it.

So here's a screenshot from @penguinpablo's website.

20210215 21_54_49Hive Now.png

This is the way Hive blockchain calculates the internal median price.

So what is internal median price? It's Hive's average price for the past 3.5 days.

As you can see 3.5 days ago Hive's price was ~22 cents (first blue dot on the left). You can see the price swings every one hour if you keep looking at the blue dots from left to right.

Right now, and after Hive's price surged to almost 43 cents, it seems that we have temporarily found a new floor at around 35 cents as displayed from the first dot from right to left.

And the green line you see right there is the average price of the past 3.5 days which is 24 cents. Now if Hive has indeed found a new floor and its price keeps moving around the 35 cents area you should expect a massive increase to median price, as the past days will no longer be part of the equation hence they won't affect the median price.

Why should you care?

Because a jump from 24 cents to 35 cents will affect almost everything.

First and foremost your upvote value will go 50% up. So if at 100% VP your 100% upvote distributes 50 cents, 3 days down the road it will distribute 75 cents.

Think of it as if you powered up another 50% of what you have already staked. Only it is free!

What this means is that the payouts on your posts will also change exactly because the upvote values from everyone who voted on them went 50% up too.

You will also be able to cast a 50% higher downvote in case you disagree with one's post rewards.

Speaking of downvotes...

We've been through a lot of shit for the past 3 or so years. Empty promises from Steemit.inc...incompetence...false expectations...Justin Sun...Hard forks...before we finally leave everything behind and have our own decentralized shelter.

A fully decentralized home where everyone can freely express their opinions.

And we deserve to see some Hive price appreciation.

So the following days and if price keep cruising at the same levels or even higher we could start seeing 3 digit post payouts on some of the most famous and talented authors' posts around here.

I just hope that we won't crawl back to the old ways...which ways? The "look at him...his posts payouts are always so high...why him and not me..." ways...

If you want to earn more, try harder...in the meantime instead of wining about other's people high rewards..advertise it on Twitter...or better yet on projectBlank which is about to be released in a few days...

Last thing I want to see is downvotes left and right just because someone made a few $$$. We've been here posting for $1 - $5 (half of which are going back to the curators) the entire crypto winter...that's 3 long years...so embrace the upcoming change.

Use it as an opportunity to advertise Hive ecosystem and show everyone out there who constantly look the other way that Hive can be their shelter too. Especially to those that get banned on other social media platforms.

As I've said many times before, I was around this place as a newcomer when the previous bull run was in full play and I've seen the magic in holding HP...

You will only believe it when you see it...

Have a good one people.


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