Said what? Stagnant economy? HIVE is just getting started.

3 months ago
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It always nice to celebrate little wins here and there. What? Still haven't seen it? I am pretty sure you know what I am talking about but just in case you missed it, HIVE is having a nice pump the last few hours.

It went as high as 0.00003 Sats a couple of hours ago (that's almost 30% gains in a few hours) and the best part is that this is taking place while almost the entire of the crypto projects out there are getting hammered as usual.

It brings back memories from earlier this year when due to the STEEM hostile takeover one exchange after the other kept listing HIVE. As a result its price reached 1$ and in terms of Satoshi...12K Sats. With BTC sitting at almost $12.000 that would be $1.2 if that very same pump was in play now...

Guess what...the day is far from over and I wouldn't be surprised if....

In any case, the 24 hour trading volume both on Binance and Bittrex went through the roof...approximately 10x the daily average in both far.

Looks like someone desperately wants those tokens while they are still cheap...

And some potentially good news...

20200820 13_14_160.00002429 BTCHIVE Hive  Bittrex.png

This is how HIVE has been performing the last 30 days. I am not a crypto analyst nor an expert but if you take a closer look especially from August 6th where price dipped for good in Sat terms because of the BTC rally, till today, you'll notice that HIVE is making higher highs and also higher lows.

Really small time frame to tell if this is an uptrend but it is what it is.

One thing is sure tho...We are making a lot of noise on Twitter and it's just a matter of time before a lot more eyeballs track HIVE and jump in...

Couple that with all the amazing stuff that are being built here on daily basis and the future so bright.

Have a good one Hivers, and stay safe.