What do you do when your initial investment in a project goes 8x in 9 weeks?

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I know I haven't been as active as I used to be the last couple of months. Put the blame on the beautiful Greek summer which is still in full play which was exactly what I needed after the ongoing COVID-19 farce.

This short break from writing on Hive made me think of where we are heading at, what does the future hold for our community, which are our expectations, what are we really trying to accomplish and which personal goals are we trying to reach.

Hive isn't just me, nor just you. It's thousands of us together who might not share the same vision but I am pretty damn sure that everyone would put their personal interests and ambitions aside for the greater good.

Greater good --> mass adoption.

That being said I am more than pleased to see posts from great influencers and developers of our community brainstorming and in @fbslo's case put in the necessary work in such short period of time to put HIVE in front of more eyeballs. That is a great step forward if you ask me.

We wouldn't be having all these ideas regarding Hive's future if HIVE was sitting among the top 10 projects nor if its price was at 20$...right?

From an investor's perspective, yeah according to my stats on Hivestats.io I am more of an investor than a blogger as you can see from the screenshot below...I'd rather not earn a single HIVE token till the end of the year in the name of mass adoption.

20200817 12_13_32HiveStats.png

Math never lie...15.5K HP are my all time rewards as an author on STEEM/HIVE plus 10.2K HP my all time curation rewards = 27.7K HP. The remaining 72K HP that I am holding comes from hard earned money. It might seem an insignificant amount to really big investors around here but trust me, it's a big thing for someone living in Greece with an economy as broken as ours.

Putting your money where your mouth is ya said..?

With that said, and just because I feel that my stake is big enough to support dedicated members of our community whose posts usually get an 8+ on a scale from 1 - 10, I had decided to not buy any more HIVE tokens and instead diversify as much as I can and be ready for a possible bull run.

Bull runs don't last forever and if one misses the chance they might have to wait another 3 - 5 years.

And trust me I am not willing to wait that much...

So what I did was to invest in other hidden gems. Gems like HIVE...Some would call them shitcoins...Don't ask me which ones...I ain't gonna tell because I don't want to jinx it...

The thing is that ever since I started diversifying my portfolio 2 of these projects have gone up 8x and 6.5x respectively since I jumped in.

For a moment I thought of breaking my promise, sell, take the profits and buy a shit ton of HIVE. That would turn me into a whale overnight.

But then again if history repeats itself, the specific projects could go 300x+ up when the bulls are finally awake...and most importantly I won't go through the stake / unstake procedure...

I know that there are way more experienced investors / traders around here so any piece of advice is more than welcomed.

What's it gonna be? Grab those profits and make my life easier for the next 2-3 years or let things play out the way they are for a chance of changing my financial status once and for all?

Have a great one peeps. And stay safe!