What token would give you the best ROI if you invested $1000 on 1-1-2021?

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Everyone involved in crypto welcomed 2021 with the hope that it shall bring what 2020/2019/2018 took away from us regarding crypto.

A three year long crypto winter which made many people rage quit, others to lose faith and simply watch from the sidelines, and few that remained persistent, kept filling their crypto bags and prepared themselves for what they hoped to be one of the most exciting year in the not so long crypto history.

Who can blame someone that lost his faith when they bought BTC (regardless if it always revovers) at $19K 3 years ago only to watch it dip at almost $3500 on March? Who can blame those who bought ETH at $1400 and watched it reach as low as ~ $82 a year later?

There are dozens of examples like the ones above. Actually everyone who bought close to previous ATH's -because when prices go up rapidly new people enter the crypto space, people who usually don't don't have the necessary information and simply go with the herd- haven't really break even yet. The only 2 exceptions are BTC which keeps smashing one ATH after another and most recently ETH.

Now if you had invested in LTC / XMR/ ZEC / ADA / XLM / XRP...just pick a random name during their peaks it might take a while to break even let alone make some good profits.

But 2021 started the best possible way. BTC which is the battle ram of them all showed everyone how things during 2021 will play out. All one had to do was to watch how it performed the last days of 2020...So the next 45 days that followed from January 1st have been...explosive.

It doesn't matter what was your entry price on BTC, because at some point you'll be compensated...even if you buy in right after it makes an ATH...because a new ATH might be right around the corner...

And while nothing seems to be able to hold its price back, which usually results in massive profits for those who trusted their money on this project, is it really the token with the most gains from the beginning of the year till now? Let's see...

This is the list of the most famous tokens sitting on top 20 and their growth in terms of USD from 1-1-2021 to 15-2-2021. Obviously there should be tokens with way better ROI than these...but they're often scams or not so famous...yet...

TokenOpening Price 1-1-2021Closing Price 15-2-2021Change

Ok, lemme get this straight...all one had to do was spend some $$$ on DOGE and then wait Elon Musk to shill it on Twitter?

This thing might be a joke and no team is developing atm yet it went up 1300% in 45 days all because he richest man on Earth constantly makes jokes or he knows something we don't...

Jokes aside other than ETH and BTC no other project Has even come close to their 2018 ATHs. Some are doing great...but they were not around back then ;)

As you can see I've also included HIVE even though it's far from the top 20 league...but hey...it's HIVE, right?

As for LEO...ever since it got listed at Uniswap it keeps going up. Currently at 63 cents and looking stronger than ever. Remember...projectBlank is about to be released the next couple of weeks and it could have a massive impact on LEO's price...


Have a good one people!


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