Exode Starter PIZZA Alliance

Inspired by thebeardflex I purchased my first starter set from the space colonization game, Exode. It looks like a very intense game…

Should POB go to the market?

There were 5 little piggies. This little piggy went to the market. This little piggy stayed home. This little piggy ate roast beef. This…

Can we get rid of Hive?

Welcome to the Hive From the outside it is a simple structure, but inside there is an intricate multiplex of layer upon layer with the sol


A mysterious power is buying up all the Proof of Brain tokens. He has been seen going by the name of: GIMME-YOUR-COINS .…

Gamify the Public Schools

Every day I begin class with the question, “How are you?” I get answers like “I’m ten years old” or “Yes”. I'm lucky…

FREE SPS TOKENS INSIDE: BATTLE-HIVE (Game Over: All Prizes Have Been Found)

Hint: All Ships Have Been Sunk Most of us have played or at least heard of the game Battle Ship. Well let me introduce you to…

RELAX - POB has your back

Never has there been a community that has given so many views, comments, interactions and votes on my post as the proof of brain…

The winners of #governance - Let's support #motivation

*A week ago, I created this contest to support hive tag : [Let's support ''governance'' tag](

Announcing PIZZA Token Diesel Pool & Rewards Contract

Hey everyone! We hope you're having a pleasant week! We're excited to announce the PIZZA token has officially entered the DeFi space…

Eye See

No! You don't see!! You don't even begin to perceive!! eye Differ


I like to use and create MEMEs. I just can't stop myself. I also like to create gifs or use gifs to express my ideas. It does take some…

Five steps to getting mentioned on the POB Richlist

Do you want to move up 5 places in the POB richlist? This week POB reached 1 million tokens in circulation. When I read about the POB…

Getting Paid Twice?

You will meet some of the smartest people on this blockchain. Observe them carefully. Where are they getting their money from? You…

The third law of POB in motion

In eighth grade, my science teacher lifted the heaviest science book he had over his head and let it drop down on the table. BOOM…

6 Questions about POB's future

The future of Proofofbrain What if I said you can get all the answers to your questions about the future now. You can ask any question…

Muted on Leo Finance

Steady for Four Years Four years ago I started blogging on a blockchain very similar to Hive. There I met a young man name Khaleel. It…

How to win the Lotto

The chance of a lifetime Here they are, lined up to buy a Lottery ticket. So many still want that chance to win the Lottery. Corona or…

No Summer Vacation this year

Korean students love to play The streets leading to high schools in Seoul are filled with game rooms, PC Rooms, karaoke, boutiques and…

As humid as a leech on a hippo's butt

After two days of typhon's and flooding I was randomly asked how's the weather. This is a textbook English conversation topic but there…

Kimchi Sam

Kimchi Sam is the name that kids call me at school. They were surprised a foreigner could eat kimchi and speak Korean as well as I do.…