Hive Power Up Day for October! Plus a logo! And Blender tech.

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It's the first of the month. Which means it's Hive Power Up Day!

Through a combination of careful planning and frankly awful mathematics I managed to power up 261 Hive. That puts me onto 1500 Hive Power. And adds some extra curation rewards for my October record setting rewards attempt.

Here are the transactions:

powerup Oct.png

And here's a logo I made to mark the occasion!


It's a little brothelesque but otherwise not too bad.

Blender: Free 3d graphics tool

I used Blender to create the logo. For a free package it's amazingly powerful. And kind of addictive. You can spend hours just moving the lights around.

It's also incredibly frustrating. You can spend hours just moving the lights around.

It's one of those things that requires a fair investment of time to get to grips with. Fortunately youtube is full of incredibly annoying videos to help you.

"Here's a cube. Press a. Press j. Press 0. And there you go. The Taj Mahal."

Still. It is free. And I will master it. Maybe I'll make some NFTs. I hear they're all the rage these days!

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