opened a pack with Prismologist!! 1 EPIC granted!

Prismologist is

Finally, what about some LUNA + UST now?

Finally after 4 days of this LUNA & UST depeged event,]*( LUNA officially dropped its value to ZERO. UST, the stablecoins, is also…

How Is The HBD Liquidity Doing? | Data On HBD Liquidity And Trading Volume

The markets are absolutely crazy now with FUD out of control. The overall situation in the economy seems to be the major thing to blame…

HBD-20%APY/ Splinterlands/ NFT-BAYC/ M2E

自從上次寫了定存HBD可以獲得20% APY年收益率之後,發現要大額入手HBD卻不容易。據@coingecko的資料,目前只有bittrex和Upbit可以入手,不然就是Hive…

Ape on!! from Yuga Labs & Bored Ape Yacht Club(BAYC)

Ape image ![image.png](

HBD savings rate @20%? Winning the savings game?

[HBD Interest Rates Are Now 20% | We're Building a $5M Liquidity Pair for HBD-USDC](

Splinterlands wealth grow 132% in 62 days??

Some people may wondering why I keep posting "kinda" same contents everyday, it's because I want to make records for myself to keep…

VOUCHER, SPS, CHAROS LEGION -Splinerlands. Reminder

SPLINTERLANDS For the next 30 days, [email protected] will be released finally. I want to recap some contents f

to HIVE or to DEC & SPS? Answer is very obvious...

2 more steps, $0.7/0.9, HIVE >to-the-moon From my last post, **I will rise my target price to $1.15.

Fire Quest w/ CALADUUM, fighting experiences in bronze

source Today I am sharing my experiences using CALADUUM to finish my Daily Quest. With so many Water team counter my Fire team, with…

SPLINTERCARDS, the best website found, Rich info in cards, SPS and more

I got my wavesmith in GOLD, finally Following my post yesterday, I actually stuck at some points like: ++How many supply & circulating…

I got my wavesmith in GOLD, finally

Date 23/09/2021 From my last post, I played the wavesmith a lo

Peakmonsters 租卡後感,自然系的皇者

@peakmonsters 既開發者真係好厲害,跟隨者 @splinterlands既步伐不斷推陳出新。明顯見到用量超爆,有時難以租到/搶到想要既卡。今日特別想提及自然系既皇者,Mylor Crowling. 本身獨有既特性: 為隊友加"Thorns"能力,

Basic Water team investment & some extras

Hello fellow Splinterlanders, I am very thankful for the readers who click into my lst post and giving a positive feedbacks for the…

Solana overvalued, SPS undervalued. Short notes for BTC/DEC/HIVE +907 crash

Are you hodling or fearing? Are you diamond hand or paper hand? source As we all knew, 07-Sep-21 is another great crash in the…

Having fun in 60days, what about buying a basic Death deck? plus more

Since I returned to @splinterlands, all starting from the beginning. But some basic mechanism for the low-ranking games are remain the…

STAKE SPT to yourself, delegate to other. My little story...

Last time when I try to delegate to @monster-curator, I accidentally STAKED to monster-curator instead of delegate. Although I am quite a…

2 more steps, $0.7/0.9, HIVE >to-the-moon

The HIVE prices are pretty weird in the last few days. (although it is weird during the bullrun of 2021) So I have a deep look into…

Interesting data from -Splintx.com

Found a very interesting website for Splinterlands today over the docs In splintx you can check the "Price History" for the…

Note taking on the SPS whitepaper

Direct link: **In short, SPT issued the tokens to govern the games and reward the staked hodlers/players more and more. The intention…