HUGE rewards in season start, changed my concept

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There is a bia for me from the early game stage which, the rewards at the beginning of the season is low + your counterparty is MUCH MUCH stronger than usual.

Today I have to correct myself for this!! As you can see from my balance history below, for every battle I won, I can get around 16+ to 20. To compare, 3days before I was getting 4 to 6 DEC per winning!

With my low RATING as 954 in BRONZE 1 and little power 6,640. With such rewards I am very satisfied. Accompany with ++Oshannus and Coral Wraith++, to finish the daily quest "SNEAK", I am somehow feeling so well. Although I play for only 30mins+, I have 100 DEC in return net. Meaning that I deduct the rental fees!



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