The Timing Couldn’t Have Been More Right!

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Buying My First Plot of Land

Ladies and Gentlemen, I finally got myself a plot of land today, on Splinterlands. I’ve been monitoring the price for over 5 months for…

November in Crypto - Post Hive run

Happy new month people! Moonvember was a blast and I didn’t want it to finish. October pretty much showed us what November was going to

Can HIVE And HBD Help Two Of The Biggest Global Economic Issues?

The global economy is facing some major headwinds. This is something the mainstream media has unsurprisingly overlooked.…

Random Thoughts About Jack Dorsey and Twitter. What if’s

source What if Jack Dorsey had been the only anchor upholding the cryptocurrency movem

1 new Legendary Gold Foil added to my SL NFT collection

Celebrate with me as I add another Legendary Gold foil to my SL cards collection today. Funny thing is that I was at the point of lashing

Security Measures I Take Online

Based on recent events, it’s been on top of my mind to take my security online up a notch. I ordered a Nano Ledger S device and it’s on t

What Does It Mean To Be A Billion Dollar Network?

Hive is a billion dollar network. Finally! Last few days Hive price kept going up, and brought us a pleasant surprise for Thanksgiving…

Realizing the importance of wealth distribution within a community

What’s the point of being the only rich person among hundreds or thousands of people within a community, some will argue-control’, but…

Being a different type of crypto head

I think of myself as a crypto head, but not the regular type, I’m the type that can sit you down and have crypto talks with you for hour

Let’s talk about the price of SPS and how Splinterlands is contributing to sustain Hive’s price pumps

The price of SPS is slowly returning to the levels it was before the launch of the Chaos Legion presale. It seems like all the steam from

Accumulating $HBD interest, Long term Plans, $Hive moon. Check out my thoughts.

What’s better than one stash of liquid holdings? 2 stash(es), especially if the second one comprises of stable coins, especially when the

My first Crypto Punk and why I aped in

I got 2 Hive punks as everyone started going crazy about them and buying all sorts of numbers, I bought 2 because 2 is more than 1 and I

Market Watch - $BTC, BNB, ETH, HIVE, LEO. What to expect

Bitcoin No-dip-November? Nope, Up-November? Yes! We’re experiencing an almost 7% dip in the price of Bitcoin just after it recorded an

$THORn...but in a good way.

Finally got the first half of the THOR claimdrop out of Thorswap, and it cost me around $235 to pull out $671, giving me a profit of aro

THOR “CLAIMDROP” landed but with awful Ethereum gas fees

Good news Bad news Mahnnnn last time I had so much headache doing anything crypto was....wait for it....never! I don’t think I’ve ever

What I’ve been doing with $Vouchers

I’ve been buying Chaos Legion Packs with my Vouchers, I believe the prices of packs will be more expensive than it currently is, if we m

Wealth Tips - How to Have Money

I move around quite a bit, so I rent rather than own. The reason will be explained herein if I get that far. First I want to lay out a…


PolyCUB Tokenomics Intro

In The Future, NFT’s Will Be Intelligent

Who said NFT’s are done when they’ve barely only started? Apparently there’s a next evolution of NFT’s with the aim to combine AI and NFT’