Manual: How To Convert Hive into Food

Convert Hive into Food?! Ever since it was brought to my attention that we can spend Hive for real world things my life has changed…

Lightning Addresses for EVERYONE on Hive!

WORKING AGAIN! I think it's all back to normal.... whatever normal actually is.... Earlier today 2022-05-20: Coingeck's @coingecko…

6 Days to $SPS Validator nodes Presale, $pSPS is live!

Hello Splinterfam, Update on staked SPS It’s been a minute, my activities in the Splinterlands has been mostly limited to passively

Ongoing conversations on Terra - To fork or to Burn? 90% votes against Fork so far

Latest from the Terra ecosystem has it that the most recent “revival plan” of Do Kwon’s proposal to fork the terra chain has received…

What Gives HBD Value: Derivatives

We are progressing through our series on what it will take to give the Hive Backed Dollar (HBD) inherent value. In the first article, we…

UST: Incompetence, Greed, or Both?

Dirp a Dirp a Dumb! One question that doesn't get asked about the LUNA/UST situation is WHY? Why was there so much demand to buy and…

HBD: 10% Debt Haircut is Too Low

Introduction Contrary to what Twitter has to say on the trending tab, no, Elon Musk is not the richest person in the world. The richest…

How To Succeed On Hive: Make It Your Mission

Many people ask what needs to be done to achieve success on Hive. This is something that makes sense since it is a blockchain of…

Hive's Internal Market UX is Absolute Trash. (and how to actually fix it)

Let the hatchet job begin! At this point it's totally unacceptable how not only the internal market works, but also every market on…

Eyes on the market - Seigniorage in the dark

Eyes on the market guys, be greedy when others are fearful is the order of the day, you can stay afloat in this market if you keep your

Thoughts on Do Kwon deploying more capital to prop up UST 🧐

Heavy is the head that wears the crown UST is loosing its peg and crypto Twitter is loosing their shit! Legendary Do Kwon steps in t

Plans to use HBD savings to supercharge my HP growth during bear market

Hive is an ultimate money making machine that feeds itself. Imagine accumulating Hive during bear market and selling it during bull mark

HIVE As Stock HBD As Currency

Not all tokens are the same. This is something that we are quickly learning. We know there are different tokens with associated use…

Introducing pHIVE | Bridging the Hive Ecosystem to Polygon

The mission of LeoFinance as a Web3 Ecosystem is to democratize access to financial knowledge and opportunities. With pHBD (launched 2…

Thoughts on present crypto market price action

Things are looking up around here, compared to the rest of the market. If you were around here 3years ago, then you’ll remember the impac

Market Watch: Ascending Channel (+Polycub FOMO)

So I drew these lines and then literally five minutes later the market did this: Hmmmmm yeah n

pHive is coming - Why it matters

There’s a new twist coming to Hive, it’s called pHive, for those who don’t know, this is essentially bringing Hive over to Polygon networ

Leo Challenge: The real value of HBD - 1,000 LEO tokens in Prizes!

HBD is the hottest stable coin in the block right now, and if you haven't heard about everything surrounding our native stable token, you…

How to Exponentially Deepen PolyCUB Liquidity

One major issue facing POLYCUB is a lack of trading liquidity. Right now, there is only about $330k in liquidity for any

Hive: Taking Advantage Of A Life-Changing Opportunity

In this article, we will focus upon Hive. That said, what we are discussing can apply to cryptocurrency in general. We are seeing a…