Thoughts about the price of $SLP and $DEC tokens

I’ve grown to become fond of the $DEC token over time, I mean who wouldn’t. While the entire market took a downturn and crashed through…

Leofinance- A Community of Trust

As we continue to make progress in the world of financial technology, we have the imminent need to build a community of trust within our

How Does Cub Finance ($CUB) Work?

Cub Finance is a leading DEX (Decentralized Exchange) & a DeFi (Decentralized Finance) yield farming platform built on Binance Smart…

If You Had 100k $DEC To Spend

I read a post this morning from @jonnycoin titled ***[If You Had 100,000(~$500) DEC To Spend](

Pessimism - The best drug for a bull run

source It’s better to b

LEO PRIDE - User Feedback - And A Writing Challenge

Hey Everyone, Sorry about the delay on getting the User Feedback Organized. I had a family emergency last week and had to make several…

If Nigerian Authorities Come For Binance...

source If you ask me, I’m gl

Thorchain(Rune) resumes operation first with Binance chain

Great news Thorchads!!!After nearly 3 months of the chain halt resulting from multiple hacks, Thorchain is gradually coming back to lif

As a sucker for passive income, check out my thoughts

Well what would I do with a million Hive! With such power comes enough responsibility, such amount of Hive is definitely going to put me…

Splinterlands - Making My Biggest Card Sale So Far

For some reason I’m excited about the Splinterlands seasons rewards I’ll be receiving tomorrow, I finished at gold level tier 3 so I’ll b

Avoiding low quality content on Hive blockchain

Hive blockchain is boosting from the Splinterlands expansion as over 10,000 users are joining it day after day. And with that, some of…

El Salvador’s hunger for foreign Bitcoin investors on the rise ; Bitcoin held by public companies on the rise. Something is brewing

Like the majority of other Nigerian youths due to obvious reasons, I’ve also been looking at relocating out of Nigeria. I’ve been…

Growing the Hive way

I’ve been growing and it feels amazing, a huge thanks to the entire community for the support in helping me build and live a decent life.

Splinterlands - My Top 4 Must Use Summoners - I’m Hitting The Rental Market ASAP!

Since new players have decided to be on splinter-steroids and win every single battle, I have no choice but to step into the rental market

I am a wanderer...... I move just as the wind.... Meet Iska

My name is Blessing, but, I'll be using the name, @iskafan on hive. I have gone through the settings and found that I can shorten my…

Hive - More Than Decentralization

When comparing Hive with Ethereum, the most popularly known winning card is Hives decentralization. Pulling out the decentralization c

LeoFinance User Feedback. Leo Pride.

A couple of days ago I asked the LeoFinance Community for feedback in this post. [

Coordinated FUD dumping rumors. Coins I’m looking to buy this dip.


El Salvador will make history today

Today, We Raise Our Toast To El Salvador As Bitcoin Becomes Legal Tender in Few Hours [source](

Putting More Skin in the Game

source POB Over the time, I’ve learnt not to underestimate any Hive