A long Shot Forward

1 month ago
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Sometimes I sit back to reminisce about my journey into Crypto, I remember the first hurdle I encountered was not knowing my way around, when I scaled that hurdle to an extent, I encountered another hurdle, which had to do with investing, then I found a way around that to an extent as well but got myself into another one, diversifying. Well, I've got to let you know, Hive has been at the center of it all, not as the hurdle, but as a way to cross those hurdles.

Imagine learning about Bitcoin and not having the means to own or partake in its technological evolution because you lack sufficient funds to set up the infrastructure and the knowledge to, imagine the technological evolution Ethereum presents but not being able to own any Ether because you don't have the capacity to run mining equipment or even have constant electricity.

Imagine just being a passer by in the Blockchain industry because of one inadequacy or the other. As revolutionary and open to all as these technology maybe, some people would have never had the chance to participate in them without a Blockchain like Hive that levels the playing ground to the barest minimum through its novel combination of Proof of stake and Proof of brain protocol.

I'm from a third world country, Bitcoin and Ethereum once seemed like Sci-Fi to me. Without Hive, I might have never had the chance to deeply learn about cryptocurrency and Blockchain the way I have through Hive let alone earn to be able to diversify without running costly mining equipment or expending resources to access electricity.

For me, Hive has been a game changer, it has offered me opportunities, adventures, and an entire learning process I doubt I will have ever had access to by just holding bitcoin. Through Hive, I got to know my way around Crypto, I got to invest in major Cryptos like Bitcoin and ETH, I got to diversify my portfolio to an extent, I got to be part of a community spearheading a new paradigm, web 3.0, my crypto story will never be complete without Hive being at the fore front and center of it all.

A major Hack happened today on Leofinance, I woke up and suddenly saw wleo trading at $0.10, whao flash sale! I thought to myself, I should grab a bunch, but few minutes before I executed the trade, @josediccus called me to inform me about the hack, what a save! Apparently the contract was somehow compromised and excess fake leo was being printed in exchange for ETH, almost 33% of wleo im the LP was compromised, well, this is crypto, expect the unexpected.

While we are still looking out for more information about the Hack, have I changed my mind about Leo? You have to be kidding me! The greatest threat that could have rendered Leofinance useless has been scaled, I made a mistake then by giving into FUD and sold a chunk of my Leo, never will I make such mistake again. Should pragmatic steps be taken to ensure that issues of this security flaw are taken care of, Leofinance will only come off better for it.

I'm still as enthusiastic as I've always been concerning the Leofinance project and I look forward to what will become of this "little" bump in the road.

Thanks for reading.

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