Being a different type of crypto head

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I think of myself as a crypto head, but not the regular type, I’m the type that can sit you down and have crypto talks with you for hours and not get you bored, I’m the type that will tell you where I commit my funds and time for the long term come what may point blank.

I’m not the type to tell you where to put your money and make 100x in 3 days, unfortunately that’s what people are interested in hearing the most, and I don’t blame them, people want to make a lot of money with the tiniest amount of effort and investment within the shortest time, but while I may have not made 100x in 3 days, I’ve made more than that in years accumulatively. There aren’t many like me, especially in my physical environment.

I have a lot of patience, especially when I’m convicted about a particular matter, my conviction comprises of ground understanding and an ample amount of time spent monitoring and putting my skin in the game.

Majority of my investments fall into this category, while some have not yet realized their full potential, others are performing excellently beyond my expectations. A typical example is Hive, the moment I began to understand it I began to commit all my resources to it, my time, money, energy and patience. Hive hasn’t done 100X in 3days but what I’ve gained from Hive amounts to over 100X over the years.

These days whenever I happen to be around people discussing crypto, I prefer to act the noob and just listen, not listen to their 100x in 3days potential tokens but listen to their drive, their motivation, their convictions, their understanding.


However most choose to be mostly interested in 100x in 3days tokens and nothing else. And apparently a lot are wrong, just few are right, by luck. These days, it is not uncommon to see tokens doing 100x, perhaps it’s the bull market effect.

A token I still believe has a potential to do 100x is RUNE of Thorchain, I discovered it at $3, perhaps I did late, but at the time, I could bet on it going 100x, then the markets happened, first, it was the China Ban, Bitcoin dipped 70% and took all alts with it, then the protocol got hacked severally, the chain halted for months and the price of the token was struggling to stay afloat, things that no one could have foreseen.

But my conviction remained, still does, and I know it’s only a matter of time before I get to realize my expectation, and if I don’t, I’m pretty much ready to move on.

This depth of conviction is what glues me to Leofinance community and most Hive holders as most people I interact with religiously in there share the same strengths.

As a result of all of this, of recent, when I find myself in the midst of people talking about crypto in my physical environment, I just sit and watch because none of my bags have ever done 100x in 3 days, Holding for the long term doesn’t really qualify as an interesting point of conversation, but when I’m here on Hive where I’m surrounded by people I share similar values with, then I’m comfortable going all beast mode about my long term holdings.

For people like me, while making an 100x on the investment is an interest, it goes beyond that, it’s the reason why holding for long term seems easy to us than most and eventually 100x is just a tiny amount of what we do get in return.

Can you relate?

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