Eclipse Of The Hive

1 month ago
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Few days ago I ranted about missing the chance to buy 100hive with $10, today, that target is well within reach but just like that day, I will be deliberately missing the opportunity again, just maybe I could get the chance to get 100hive for $7, might I be over reaching? Selective greed is a thing! Some people must be upset, I've passed that stage by now, thanks to Leofinance, else I might have been swimming in hot tears.


Rumour has it that we might be seeing a $0.10 price in the nearest future, while that might be a huge once-in-a-life-time opportunity for some people to accumulate and reach levels they might never have with the current prices, others like myself might just sit back and watch it unravel, after having spent all available spare fiat in the recent dip. But to play the devils advocate here for a minute, let's look at this, people are drawn to value, I.e upward price action, only few people take advantages of dips.

In fact, declining price action tends to repel most than attract them, also, declining price leads to reduction in activities on the chain, as we've seen before. However, if Hive does fall to such levels($0.10), do you think more people will be repelled and dump or attracted to buy?

Years back, I will have been tempted to dump, but I'm more knowledgeable now and won't even take the chance, personally I feel with such prices, I will be able to achieve my 10,000 HP target even faster than before by consistently posting.

I wonder what will come off of this sudden drop in Hive's price eventually. Anyway, as we wait for the legendary Eclipse hardfork to happen in a day or two, I wish everyone the best with their decisions and bags, but let's remember the Japanese saying that goes "An eclipse is only an indication that a new sun has been born", will this Eclipse birth a new Hive? Only time will tell.
Best wishes folks, may the Cryptos be with us.

Thanks for reading.


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