From Hardware to Brainpower: Why I've Moved Beyond Traditional Crypto Mining

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Back in the days, I used to be so obsessed with mining crypto with my computer. I was new to the world of crypto, and it seemed to be a thing I could do with minimal effort compared to installing mining rigs. However, I was quickly phased out by GPUs and other more complex mining equipment like ASICs. I remember promising myself to get one of those whenever I could.

Fast forward to today, there are other options to mine crypto without investing in high end computer equipments, there are better options like staking, liquidity farming, single sided savings that offer more competitive incentives and are easier to set up than mining equipments….

The Historical Context of Crypto Mining

When Bitcoin first came out, all you needed was a personal computer to mine coins. Over time, the process became more complicated and resource-intensive, giving rise to specialized equipment like ASICs. These machines have largely dominated the mining landscape, making it difficult for the average person to compete.

Setting up a mining rig involves a steep learning curve. You have to understand hardware specifications, energy consumption, and more. In contrast, staking is usually a straightforward process that can often be done through a simple user interface.

Investing in high-end gaming PCs for mining will take years for the return on investment to break even, especially when you add in the cost of electricity. Staking options often allow you to start earning immediately and offer better liquidity. With mining, your profitability is a gamble, subject to the ever-changing mining difficulty and potential hardware failures.

Security Risks

Mining comes with its own set of security concerns like the risk of hardware failure or even theft. Imagine having to spend a lot of money of a system only for it to get stolen or damaged by power surge or your stubborn cat? Huge loss! Staking also has its risks, primarily around smart contract vulnerabilities and can be avoided by participating in legitimate projects, and the barrier to entry is generally lower.


Staking allows you to diversify your portfolio more easily. In mining, you're committed to one or two coins that your hardware can mine efficiently. Staking lets you spread your risk across different assets.

Personal Experience

Fast forward to today, unless a GPU system magically lands in my lap, I doubt I'll ever invest any money into one. I'd rather use that money to buy Hive on Binance, transfer it to my Hive wallet, convert it to HBD, and begin to earn a 20% APR while my investment remains secure.

But while there’s mining with equipments or staking and other forms of it, there’s one that even outshines them all and that’s mining with your brain. Yep you heard it right, it’s called Proof of Brain. Hive is the champ here, and it's not just about flexing your hardware but flexing your brainpower.

Hive: Where Your Brain's the Ultimate Mining Rig

Picture this: Hive's like the playground where your smarts pay off—literally. Your posts, your comments, your upvotes—they're your mining operations. No GPUs, no ASICs, just good ol' neurons firing away. And the more you engage, the fatter your crypto wallet gets.

Mental Mining: Get Those Gains

Just like staking, Hive allows you to start earning almost immediately. In many cases, people have found that their returns from engaging in Hive surpass what they could have earned through traditional mining methods. Plus, the value of your 'mining rig'—in this case, your ability to create and curate—only grows over time as you become more skilled and established within the community.

Ever wonder how the tokens you're mining or staking are actually used? Hive, for example, is more than just a speculative asset; it has actual utility in the decentralized web space. You're not just investing in tokens; you're investing in a functioning ecosystem

Times are changing

The world of crypto mining is not what it used to be, and perhaps that's a good thing. New methods like staking and Proof of Brain systems like Hive offer more accessible, sustainable, and profitable avenues for the average person to get involved in the crypto space.


So, is mining crypto with a computer bad? Not necessarily. However, investing significant sums into equipment for the sole purpose of mining now seems like a less profitable venture compared to staking, but even staking requires some amount of financial investment to start, it gets better when you start to mine with your brain.

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