From risking everything to loosing nothing

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Pardon my title, not every one was as lucky. Approximately 1 month ago, I wrote this post saying that "I like to try things out, trying things out is one of the things that led me here and has kept me in this space for so long, besides the financial implications, its also given me content to share with people, broadened my knowledge through the discovery of many systems that were beyond my normal space, and if it makes me some money alongside, I'm glad all the same.", well, I was this close to loosing everything.

I read the SPEW initiative post countless times to make sure I'd not left out any information, I was fully aware of what I was going into, the risks involved and the fact that I could loose everything, but because of the 1% chance that things might work out, I took the risk and dove in with the amount I was prepared to loose, well, most of us know by now that we were hit hard on Leofinance through the WLEO hack few days ago, it shook even the best of us, but what doesn't kill us makes us stronger.

Time after time when I see news about other crypto projects getting hacked and loosing 99% of their value, I shake my head in dismay seeing the amount people loose, most times I blame them for not applying due diligence and failing doing thorough research, other times I blame them for blaming sake, truth is, it is easy to play the blame game when you're sitting on the outside,

Take Leofinance as an example, it is not strange that some people will blame the WLEO Lp's and say they said so, it's an easy side to pick if one is on the outside, meanwhile people within the project will claim they double checked all possible loopholes.

Did I? nope, I checked nothing, I put my trust in the devs and went with it, what builds up peoples trust is relative, sometimes its a hit, other times its a miss and if you'd ask me, I will do it all over again.

The good thing is that, based on the degree of loss incurred or severity of the of the loophole, project devs can go back to the books, shake it up and begin to rebuild depending on the legitimacy of the project, then there's a chance it can come out stronger.

I watched the Leofinance roundtable discussion concerning the Hack and Khaleel stated that the WLEO project was about to be listed on a major exchange almost 2 weeks from the incident, no doubt that if the hack had happened after the listing it would have left a huge dent in the LEOfinance project as a whole plus who knows what other major detriments it might have caused, so I'm kinda satisfied that it happened now and we can only get better moving forward.

Today, I woke up with my LEO balance significantly increased by 615 leo tokens, which is approximately $91 at present prices, yesterday I made a post stating that the SPEW initiative has been shutdown, so the initiator @jk626 sent every contributor back their bits with the profits accumulated from providing Liquidity and that was what I received this morning, I contributed 500leo and received 615 back, I wish it went on for longer, who knows how much it would have been had it gone on for another 3-6 months. Anyway, I'm lucky and grateful to even be having anything at all.

Thanks for reading.

For more information on the SPEW payout click here


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