If You Had 100k $DEC To Spend

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I read a post this morning from @jonnycoin titled **If You Had 100,000(~$500) DEC To Spend...* and I found it interesting because for me, 100k dec isn’t even that much and I’ll explain why. I’m a gold level player on paper, although I’m actually much more, say top tier diamond level, but based on the limitations by my collection power, I’m relegated to Gold levels, precisely gold level tier 2.

Almost 80% of my cards are above level 3, any other card that will matter to my deck and is at a level 1 are legendary’s, besides these are summoners like Scarrd Ilama, Yodin Zaku, because of their added buffers, with these guys, I can still manage to cause Mayhem in battles without needing high level monsters to team up with.

But we all know using high level summoners in combination with high level monsters bring out the most fun in the game. If you didn’t know this, let me tell you that you’ve not started living if your cards are not from level 3 and above where they get to activate those lethal features.

I wish I had the financial capacity to max out all my cards or perhaps just the ones I use mostly, my gaming experience would have been out of this world. In all my time playing Splinterlands, I don’t even have one max out card, rolling my eyes at myself*. Im sure I’m not the only one on this table.

One mistake I’m constantly making is thinking I have to max out all of them at once rather than gradually as a journey....where the real fun lies.

However, today is not the day I’ll fix that mistake. Back to Jonny’z question, if I had 100,000 DEC, I’m getting myself a PLOT immediately! Putting aside card matters now.


Lands are yet to be implemented in game, but the price of plots have since skyrocketed and held a strong support at $400, I slept on it when it was cheap but now the price is all over the place. To be honest I don’t know how this will be utilized or the level of impact it will have but the thing is that by the time I get to understand it, it may already be too late.

Pretty much like most things here. I remember when I started playing Splinterlands, I didn’t know what I was doing 70% of the time, if I waited till I understood what everything was before getting involved I would have most likely missed out on the entire show. So that’s it, that’s my answer, if I suddenly came about 100k DEC, I’m buying myself a plot of Splinterlands land, if there’s any change left, I’ll buy SPS tokens.

What will you do with 100k DEC?

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