Let Leo Shine While Other Communities Wake Up To Hive

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7 days ago, I contributed 500Leo tokens into the Wleo liquidity pool through the SPEW initiative, at the time, 500LEO was worth $70, at the time of writing this post, the 500leo token is worth $150, this is the best thing happening in crypto right now, I thank my stars, I did at least one thing right in all my time on crypto!And its super exciting. If Leo's price action keeps up with this momentum, you're going to be seeing a lot more excitement post from me.

With Leo stealing all the show, am I still excited about Hive? Super totally! without Hive there is no Leo and that exactly is the key to all my excitement. it's okay for Leo to be the shinning kid up in everyone's faces, what it means is that anyone looking to replicate what Leo has accomplished or is presently pulling off has to first look at Hive and we all know where that ends, once you look you never want to go back, that's what we all want, its a win win.

Another reason I'm still excited about hive being in the shadow while Leo finance takes the shine is because, Leo has more potential of drawing attention right now with all that is taking place, while this attention is being monetized to buy back tokens from the market, helping it garner a more stable token value and possible appreciation, while bringing in more eyes to the platform as people like to follow the money, hereby generating more page views and monetizing it to buy back tokens from the market, rinsing and repeating, it is a vicious cycle!

I have to admit tho, at this point, I'm extremely tempted to power down my Hive for some Leo, the thing is that anytime we see a spike in the price of Hive, for example if Hive blasts through support and hits an all time high, it hardly ever stays there, the max we've had it stay for is a couple of days,
too short for someone who is fully powered up to take profits, and then it trickles all the way down before one can blink an eye, but you see Leo, the burn/buy back model is off the hook, the products generating ad revenue is unbeatable, it helps give the token a floor, this is what makes it so tempting!

But I won't be powering down my Hive! That will just be greed at play, with what I presently hold on Leo, if all things actually go as envisioned, I will be sitting pretty on some amount I would have never dreamed of, moreover Hive is fucking unpredictable, I will focus on growing my stake organically for now, I still have my 10k goal in view and I'm actually closer than not, so what gives?

By the time majority of people realize what is possible on Hive, I will be right there again thanking my stars. Speaking of people realizing what Hive can do, we've already had 2 external communities join us on Hive, so I ask again, what gives? You can read the announcement posts here and here

Thanks for reading.


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