Let’s talk about the price of SPS and how Splinterlands is contributing to sustain Hive’s price pumps

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The price of SPS is slowly returning to the levels it was before the launch of the Chaos Legion presale. It seems like all the steam from CL private sale FOMO which required staked SPS to receive VOUCHERS has blown off as majority of players and interested participants have loaded up on all the presale packs they desire and the VOUCHER drop period has ended.

This, coupled with the general drop in markets are some factors contributing to the massive drop in the price of SPS. But it’s not as bad as it looks. Phase 2 of pack sales is starting by December 8 and will require VOUCHERS which are either going to be gotten as airdrop through staked SPS or be purchased via the open market.

Additionally, the VOUCHER token airdrops will resume on December 8th at the normal time at double the pace of the presale period for 30 days starting. This means that a total of 2M VOUCHER tokens will be awarded to staked SPS token holders over the 30 day period at the rate of 66,666.666 per day.

By this, purchasing and staking of SPS is going to be re incentivized, bringing potential for the price of SPS to resume interesting price actions during that period and bounce right back up. This signals only one thing. Buy the DIP. There should be a token named $Dip so that when Elon Musk says buy the $Dip, the token will pump ha ha 😲😬.

I like the fact that the rate of Vouchers to be received will be doubled so that those who could only acquire little amount of vouchers during the first stage like myself will get the chance to double their vouchers and in turn the number of packs they are likely to purchase.

I was able to get about 0.5 vouchers per day in the first stage, I’ll be getting a little bit over 1 voucher per day in the second stage for 30days, which means I’ll be able to acquire a little bit over 30packs if I buy 1 pack everyday with the present amount of SPS token I’m holding. Coolies right!

After the 2M VOUCHER tokens are distributed over 30 days in phase 2 of the pack sale (even if the 2M packs have not yet been sold), VOUCHER tokens will continue to be distributed at the rate of 20,000 tokens per day to staked SPS holders indefinitely.

Another interesting thing is that, Vouchers are here to stay, I said this before, as long as an account has SPS staked, the account will be receiving VOUCHERS indefinitely, however, what the Vouchers will be worth will be based on the incentives introduced at different points in the game’s lifetime.

So to get Vouchers, you need SPS(except you’re buying in the market). To get SPS, you need DEC and every other Splinterlands assets. To get DEC, you need to play the game, buy and hold assets(cards). To play the game, you need to buy a Spell book. To buy a spell book, you need a Hive account. To get a Hive account, you’ll need to burn some Hive and lock some up even when HIVE is worth 1$, so we continue to create a strong price floor for Hive.

I love these building blocks, I love Splinterlands, I love Hive and how they’re both interwoven with it’s entire community and economy and I can’t wait to see what this place will look like in 3years.

I’ll still like to see more utilities for SPS IMO. What do you say?

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