RE: If Nigerian Authorities Come For Binance...

It's pretty cool in a couple of ways.. One expanding the knowledge and tools of a community, while also providing new financial opportunities.

RE: If Nigerian Authorities Come For Binance...

Luckily they are useless and ignorant on tech. Most politicians in Africa somehow have a lack of basic education which actually helps in these instances. We have seen South Africa and Binance part ways a few weeks ago with them calling Binance a scam.

RE: If Nigerian Authorities Come For Binance...

They have banned Twitter while we are still operating it with VPN,if they try to ban binance we will still operate with VPN.we will not die for the Nigeria government.
Thanks for the information

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Chief..comot egusi from your eye put am for mouth oo😂😂

As the food take come na another tori.. For another day.

RE: $1500 on a Splinterlands NFT! And no Warning of the 5% Fee, Is that LEGAL?

With rentals I've no problem, they've got a 'small print' section! But the fees are mental.

RE: What's With All This Talk About A Million Hive?

It is fun to imagine though, and am not usually this uptight. I reckon I'd travel more personally as far as luxuries go