RE: 3 Weeks On Splinterlands - My Experience.

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Awesome to read your experience, keep up with sharing them and you could use some of your earnings to upgrade your cards or just get new ones. Also be sure to follow the splinterlands official account on hive so that you can participate in writing exercises.

When I started playing splinterlands it was merely for fun, I never thought my earnings could be so valuable as it is now, it amazes me everyday.

Don’t forget that you can also challenge your friends to play and just kick each other’s ass for fun...if they have purchased a spell book. I can’t wait for the game to go viral here let’s start beating ourselves lol

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I am awed at the reality of playing games and paying my bills with it. LOL

I will certainly follow their account on Hive right away. I am loving where all these are heading.

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